Principles of Criminal Law (6th Edition) by Harvey Wallace

Principles of Criminal Law (6th Edition)

Book Title: Principles of Criminal Law (6th Edition)

Publisher: Pearson

ISBN: 0133822532

Author: Harvey Wallace

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Harvey Wallace with Principles of Criminal Law (6th Edition)

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The Principles of Criminal Law in a Concise, Accessible, and Clear Narrative

A concise yet comprehensive overview of criminal law, the Sixth Edition of Principles of Criminal Law is an engaging narrative text ideal for a one-semester course. Rather than focusing on dense citations and lengthy discussions, this text has a clear, accessible tone that will help students grasp the material quickly. Covering a variety of topics, such as white-collar crime, victimless crime, and political crime, as well as major offenses like homicide and sexual assault, chapters focus on real-world applications and include short edited cases, focus boxes, and end-of-chapter practicums. This edition includes updated information on changing marijuana laws, “Stand-Your-Ground” laws, terrorism, and more.